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real chrome hearts france shoe shopping online-´╗┐imagine a store okaywith the shopping convenience youimagine shopping for the lowest prices
all over townand only making one stop imagine a store
where you can browseI laughter I’ll and never take a single
stepintroducing K-mart solutionsK-mart solutions is an exciting new way
to shop for a broader range of namebrand products and servicesand you’ll never have to leave our store
you know our Kmart stores are big but even they can only hold so much with
K-mart solutions we created a virtual store within a store to give you our
customer greater one-stop shopping convenience
our prices are so low you won’t have to shop anywhere else as
you browse the aisles you’ll notice the signs throughout the
store now our way of telling you they’re more products available like
these with K-mart solutions you mean you have more televisions than the ones I see here we sure do and
our K-mart Solution Center really I’d like to see would you show me
absolutely I’ll make at the Kmart solutions order Center a trained associate such as myself will
help you browse through our huge selection of products and services but look at the TV wow that’s quite a selection you’ve got
Ninch televisions and you can order
right here at the same low prices you’ve come to
expect from Kmart and will ship it directly to your home or anywhere across the country that you
wanted to go and will even set up selected models right in your house I guess you’re right
I don’t have to shop all around town to find the product i’m looking for. now with K-mart solutions okay what
about swing sets my kids saw one they really
liked but I know it’s too big to set up in the store all right let’s take a look with K-mart
solutions you have a wider selection of products than ever before all under one roof this is great there
it is and you can ship this to of course how
this is terrific you know it’s always such a hassle to
get those really big purchases home this is the easiest most hassle-free
shopping you can imagine and your satisfaction is percent
guaranteed in fact if you’re not completely satisfied you
can return anything you order to any Kmart store
and we still get K-mart’s quality and everyday low prices what I like that okay what about gifts my mom’s birthday
is coming up next week sure you can pick out a gift and we’ll
send it across the street ur across the country not the flowers
flowers I can send her flowers right from here
just pick out the perfect okay and fended off well my mom really loves flowers how
whitewater well the Fed flowers and gifts and then we select flowers her now did you have a price range in
mind good to stick right around thirty five
dollars we have some choices here that one look all this is beautiful yeah it’s nice to
be able to actually see the bouquet am sending yeah we hear that a lot and now how
would you like to pay for the flowers I guess credit card is fine you know
your credit card is a safe at Kmart solutions as it is in the regular K-mart
check out I’ll now all you have to do is enter your
moms address and what you want the car to say and
we’re all set this really is a whole new way to shop and say K-mart pollution is bath fun anything and you can use it to
buy savings on all kinds of items toy sporting goods elektronik music appliances camera home furnishing and much more and Kmart solutions offers
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thesewith K-mart solutions

real chrome hearts france chrome hearts sunglasses sale

real chrome hearts france chrome hearts sunglasses sale-´╗┐hey everyone into I amthinking a little dirty I’m here to
share with everyonemom my fever japanese drugstore productsso let’s start with bases homeI like these two on they’re both from
someon they’re both foundation basinson this is thepoor party makeup base and this is thefor party makeup base increase their K this one is a good do but %uh Smashbox photo finish primer om without the hefty price tag and this one
is a really good do a our urban decay new DPP so I just use this under my eye shadow as on primer and reason why I don’t use
this on on my entire face is because I’ve
noticed it kinda I’m makes my foundation shift a little
bit so but these both have dimethicone and now this from it has this really calling no like a
popsicle stick applicator and there’s a lot a product in here so never run out and it looks like this on the bottom so it’s
our ovens natural OCR skin color and it basically blends mom so that it covers I hear Poor’s and redness some looks like that
on this area K and down this one is clear and I use it every day and nannies on my foundation
and down my makeup will last all day and this is great especially for com humid weather it’s been getting like death heart in
tokyo lately so this is what it looks like the polly can see just because it
dries clear but it does give your scanner release nice smoothens appearance okay and these are both arm thousand-year
each in you can find this at any drugstore across the nation so that’s about ten US
dollars each okay on this I is modest at shooting really power job that long you know obviously a kink in
Japan but I just pointed out to compare them size at the tombs so you get less product but army doesn’t have a funny smell it acted
as a smiling anything there’s like no sand but me and this can
a immunity works okay and it but it has this said that I don’t care for so I
absolutely love his face and I use it every day okay
moving on um nephew cream this is it a japanese product I believe
it’s from Switzerland Sweden not sure but I’m out here for on less than a thousand me and I think
it was me six or seven hundred yen surround six dollars it’s a very thick consistency and I actually use
this on my face and I have sensitive and also acne-prone skin sabes como skin but it
has it’s never made me break out so arm de first it feels greasy by after a
couple hours it sinks in and arm like I said I wear
it I I mean I’ve been on the franco to bed
and I wake up with om police moved skin and my pores
actually I love appear a lot smaller so mom I’ve heard people compare this to
come down there on probably because it has some the same
ingredients are mainly squealing oil squali my own I’m not sure sure and from sharks not Wales cuz we don’t kill
whales in the morning okay and next mom brushes I he Lake high and brushes but I also love
love cheap russians as well home I discovered this I shadow brush a
couple years ago and local yen star can ever since has been stocking up has not to me and
ken starr’s carries anymore this is just a basic I’m I shadow brush here’s our meet at
mylan mom I love this because the armpits
really densely packed but also smooths in because the hairs are synthetic I you
can use it to apply a million base shadows like cream shadows on fossil concealer so yeah and I’m not too worried about cleaning
every day just because I have so many mom yes these are a hundred and each so probably less then a dollar and AA
you can get these act honest some yen stars so you can
about the look so if you arm find these make sure you
stop to hmm use another arm brand I like called Koji am it’s this I shadow brush I just buy it
today after I got off work and it’s got a short handle which I
really like mom nick has a king take it with me mom the brushes are a lot smoother than I’m the
ken starr brash on minutes wider so yeah I can use this
to play like all over color areyou know homemedicine be good for when I’m in a hurry
no I’m not too worried about detailany home and is like this I think it’s
really cuteso I’ll prolly stock up on somewhere in
the Easton this wassoon as this less than nis a n or something so that’s about
four US timesK may co GI shadow freshI’m see somom yeah that’s about it for base parks
and brushesmom please watch part hour I’ll be
sharing my favorite JapaneseI drugstore makeup anyway thanks for
watchingand till next time I

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fake chrome hearts chrome hearts official online store-´╗┐you with the guys at the same thing and
welcome back to another grand theft autoyou todayI will be doing is something that’s
kinda we r Memory splitting up mypassion Fridayinto two parts in this is only for like
this week becausebasically there were a few new glitches
that came out thatyou kids or customize your character
even more and then obviously thethe regular partner were actually guys
outfits that’s gonna becoming out leader today and will
officially a business with you as you can priority tell from the thumbnail in the title miss you guys
wind how to make the character ghost for Modern Warfare two were from
the Col de sousa’s kinda like connie guy and the reason I’m sort of making
him in his own separate video is because there is a glitch that pretty much with only use for like his
character but I’m showing guys that a new method
on how to do any helmet with any mask is like the
earlier one you can only do with like ones that were really close to the front or the back and love your mask list interviewed along with the
mass then you know you couldn’t get the ones in the middle animals you know which one you guys even
little trick on how to wear the flight suit to with any bats or helmet combo it’s a sign of also you guys the helmet
and mask but it’s really simple to do for some reason the vending machines are
going to be seeing a lot more use I have a feeling because all these
languages are you find it seems like they had to do a lot with
vending machine so basically what you wanna do is make in outbid with
a mask or with glasses whatever you want so as you see in this
first clip have a guy with the black helmet with
orange sunglasses on and what we’re gonna do is once you have that see as an elf it
you don’t go back to the disorder machine and then you can
work with the mask you want to the first time I
did here was the or ends I think metal warrior master think it’s called I’m not sure exactly but as you can see
alternate match the lasts a little bit once you get the
mask with simply go up to the soda machine hit right on the bed and once you’re in the animation about
right when it’s dined the more you mess around with this billion more you
understand like went to do it but kinda towards the end of the guy drinking it you wanna hit
select and quickly go into your accessories and
outfits and switch to the outfit that you want the mass to be a part of this
as you see now I have the mass in the glasses and
the helmet with persons with all the different glasses helmets a mask you
know I would feel we’re in the car with a
lotta really cool ideas and in the next room a show as you
can also do this with the lake combat mask so if you want the
combat mask in an hour the combat or the bulletproof helmet a
decided to leave the orange light isn’t just to see what they would look like
that she go over it so maybe could buy some neat little glasses that actually
work like with the mask that I have here but
I as you see that’s another way to do the you know if you want to do that all
military theme how and so that’s the first word and it’s pretty simple to do the next
one will show you guys is how to get the flight to and this one is probably not gonna be
used for a lot of things but you know maybe you were always one in
that fight to and I now you can finally do it so it’s pretty simple to taxi pry
the easiest to do I love all this stuff so basically pickin
outfit that you want so the one on the test the lawn is my Heisenberg outfit and I feel it’s
pretty cool the reader is obviously on him and
obviously you’re gonna save that what you have it saved as an al fayed go
to the output section and then simply equip either the black
or the green flight suit a majority black flight suit and were illegal right across the street and
go into the strip club now once you walk in basically it’ll take
off your helmet and I just don’t like either or are you
I don’t think you really going too far but you know what your guy takes off the
homie that’s what I did it basically to switch your outfit were to switch back
to the Heisenberg outfit and once you walk out you actually have the two just you know as a party outfit
know does kinda look weird in some instances because it is just kinda like
floating there but animal maybe somebody or find a way to
include this into a really awesome I’ll and then finally the one you guys have
all been waiting for them to show you guys how to do with how to me ghost from call of duty no his outfit
wise there’s a there’s a couple different option you go toward military is or you can go
at like the the slimmer version where just weren’t like the the stealth
jacket you know obviously that’s up to you I with the
more like military more heavy type of outfit as you can see it
like the armored stuff on mine but mainly it’s the it’s the face area
that is as all that matters the first ever gonna
do to me goes is one pick your outfit you know make sure you
have it the way you want it and then this is the part where we’re
gonna pick the glasses no I went with the orange gun range classes because I think
that looks the best not obviously everything is up to you make it how you
want it but I like the orange license or gonna put that on once you
have your outfit set break their go into your are you gonna have to find
a helicopter that when you get in ill actually pull on the headset not the
helmet I know for a fact the cargo Bob work so we have a cargo Bob use that I
think those swept works as wellknow with the glasses that you have on
you’re gonna get an enduring see hope onthe pilot headsetonce he does this what we’re gonna do is
going to our parachute in simply changethe bag no I had one onsimply put one on and then just change
the bag andright after you change the back a few
times no that doesn’t this isn’t likecommon as you can change it after the
fact is change it to whatever going tostarthit online in hits what character with
that you do is obviously bring you backto the character screenonce you’re there you nancy has both the
glasses and the pilot headset on sothat’sgood if you don’t have it then you have
to do it againat this point eww no wanna make sure he
has both those things onsimply click on him again go back intoAlabi lunch in the lobby you are gonna
go see this outfit with the glassesand the headset on once you have the
help it save your gonna wanna quit theskoaltight ski mask on what you have to quit
got to a soda machine and we’rebasically gonna do the exact same thing
to do with thehelmet and the mask which so we’re gonna
go up to it he try to be pairedonce he is in the process of drinkinghold select and thengo to your outfits and then switch to
the Alfetta the RTCand then once you click on that it
should put everything together youshould have the mask you should have the
headset and that he should have thelast in Seoul hopefully this helps you
guys outand again like I said not sure how many
other outfits you’re actually gonna needthis for likethat the pilot had said at least by I
think it turned out pretty coolenemy like goes there’s probably one of
the most notable characters from call toduty soI can definitely see a lot of people
using this and having fun with thisoutfitin online but hope you guys enjoyed
trouble like if you didtried more awesome GTA content also if
you think a many outfits that youinclude any these bitches let me know in
the comments section for next week’sabsorbtionFriday but that is it again and as
alwaysit’s working them

chrome hearts white uk fashion online

chrome hearts white uk fashion online-´╗┐TT dresses dressed actually from TPCbliss Lau bliss at checking great friend angelnow from free shipping whichof shipping is free link it to get
Australia Stokay latoya something I think you can
take Iwhat days to get first ready which
exception likely have altsly myself Design Star and I got there
and backa sauce coffee I just as well that
they’re really good there tends to get one something you can
send it back yeah right I think that I really like I saw Street
have a really style section and only one out by
sunglasses summing up same I really like I’m going to sell such and they have such a while right choice
get alright at a client site short stocky fun cells heart main
reasons while out shopping outlets for free trade it range they’re signing all finds out
that cheese from second process I find on so much stores extra and the third base South ability it’s so easy down I just like fun I thank you for watching yeah he can to

chrome hearts tan sterling silver cuff bracelet

chrome hearts tan sterling silver cuff bracelet-´╗┐hi this is not only from a Thai style
and today we sure if you make yourshopping cartso I was okay city for a few days except
for Fashion Weekand Ms physical shows but I also managed
to squeeze in some shopping in betweenall thesehinson seaman bergson visiting of they
werePittsboro so I was really happy to pick
up a fewface when I’m a big shopping
destinations that I’ve always wanted hisits Uniqlo and I picked up this adorable Campbell Soup I can you offer and your
heart think in its refusal inbucks you
quotes and it’s really easy breezy sorry for you genes in the fall
workplace where the suspected house now also from yes I picked up this last year a I sure and I really love the
predicate see there are back rooms on it this and
she shoes curses umbrella stands ballet shoes it’s
just really sleepy on the dock even have to bow to you go
and I first saw the how this question in conjunction with the Japanese brand
is the bike pieces of the day famous find the shirt from the six
dollars on sale the last one left didn’t even fit me but
it doesn’t matter is just really cute print thankfully
problem with that the last thing I picked up from Uniqlo was this down jackets and it’s very practical I was really sad
to have to buy this one it was likereason for just outside
sources the simple things like week down propellant darklysaydegrees outside today but it’s
usually pretty I’m so briefly color plan on wearing it
I there hun it’s only when a dusty or underneath for Jackets tickets really
thin even poke up more jackets Obama next
shopping destination was for show anger show is a Russian ballet the Chris Houston precious I use I whereI’ve tried to prove class at the
Pro right always not going back to their
cellsshooting range for prollyyears now am but I want to get something different
try sending looking on in a heart shape which is very rarely available trust where I’m
from so I give them a try and really released s
but I’m hoping that maybe now that I’m only recreational testing might last me a
little bit longer just for more maps and doing exercises so I’m gonna give their
stride I’m there a little bit cheaper than candidates you so which is fine too going to the shop and
see Realty answers trying on shoes found that was an experience the figures
are very nice vacations out they had all the sizes smaller
premises on hand so that was kinda a treat for me to be able to: be able to
select should I want to catch one thing I totally did
not expect to find worries Victoria Secret bathing suits
they’re on sale for $ dollars a top so I couldn’t resist had a-on-toss to coat the bottom got
this from the classic have gathered that Dhoni on elsa much
bottles I got this beautiful black out there do
because black businesses are so classic the south side it has a little bit have
left for shops and I really like ashere and
lastly my question really like this finding is this beautiful rich deep purple color and I think this might even be from
partial clash not sure has this classic twists friends and really really pretty of class in the
back I also gots Maschinen crushing black lace bottoms really
simple and stuff we have to add this to a BBC action I’ll stick Texas station case I
got this little black bicycle book from virtually what
it was only three dollars this release you right Rasiya yes you can also New York
City there so many bikes around and buy things it was really fun to see
I’m sick of this release you party yeah using this truth-telling said you don’t know pat sure my thinking
he’s it looks really showed us this my office feel shorts I’m it’s
actually me and friends really pretty decisions that can set the
standard for Kansas with vintage for defense like this are so
tend to be right back you how much space like it so I was
really hoping to go to my tickets shop to continue watch I mean
I’m much more interesting than my last one acts to hack got this really pretty
michael kors export-import shouts its action from the
runway collection and its rich about three hundred dollars and I don’t
sell for sorry like the touch torso around the face and the brown face
as well as the mix up the goal in the th think it’s really precious Google
really well for false the last but not least by my very last day and a half
going to centuryit was close for Russia China and left
cleat was open alas it was there is a Saturday so was right by the world’s Trade Center
at the memorial site and I haveminutes for tickets would
be no also we popped in the store I was in
there for aboutminutes to diminish exactly right good morning so I gots you need sunglasses they’re the ones
that I’ve been wanting for ever not the color I wanted
but I actually liked him even more now so they’re the glitter glasses and i
find they’re very cute furry other kids I left the glitter since its
nice little touch but I like that the color is like this
feeling rich brown bronze soco’s a plot if weather
great black whether red-brown fun really goes well
masako’s good for both hardware comes the slow felt pouch so since the new the case also sell this
fall which is really girly it lacks out so yeah I was a childthey were ridiculously on sale
waterfalls how much they’re on sale butrest assured I did not pay for a hundred
dollars for those another thing thatI’ve been paying for for a whileis sorry scarf so I actually got walked
into the mens section that left me fortheirperuse a little bit and I found this
beautiful very longday asks if I love the world and stars
artis heavyweightvery then but this one is definitely
good for winters heresee can wrap it around a few timescan almost read a psalm butts I really
fell in love with thepurple and teal color I think this is a
classic that okrate for many years so last but not
least had to pick up a souvenir t-shirtfind this I heard you have a work shirt
which is reminiscent of.soclips collection I was really cute I saw
a lot of women wearing the real thingcash rate but of course I couldn’t
afford said fifty dollars I T shirtthis we found it necessary being they’re
just a cheap clothing store theirall around town and I thought was really
cute kinda has the slow side of laborand propertydo with that its village sure have a
twist on a classicI heard NY shirts hope you enjoyed my
any wellnot me but I hope you enjoy your
shopping haul for new york city andgoing to go for my blogthe thanks for watching

chrome hearts outlet online shop sunglasses buy online

chrome hearts outlet online shop sunglasses buy online-´╗┐Hatsune MikuA Virtual Singer you can produce.A Virtual Singer you can produce.
Hatsune MikuI made a song for Hatsune Miku.Upload Upload VideoUpload VideoUpload PictureUpload Upload~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hatsune Miku~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Awesome song!!!
I listen every day!! Hatsune Miku , Virtual Singer the web is what you make of it

chrome hearts running shoes chrome hearts sunglasses eyewear jojo levesque biography channel

chrome hearts running shoes chrome hearts sunglasses eyewear jojo levesque biography channel-´╗┐we inspiff TV power while in the mother
fuckin placetalk to them talk to them so good man
Ryanthose the hell was it does what elvis
were messin Square Gardensee if the check J you could checksets of this a vintage Dior vintageray-bans as we’ll just keep me away
from your daughterbecause I mean businessthose without it poker table Missy shot dude to fantasy crazy the whole world with gold
year doomed who follow all the whole room
should lead gold she is very good writer

knockoff chrome hearts chrome hearts mens sunglasses

knockoff chrome hearts chrome hearts mens sunglasses-´╗┐ok hello i’m kiddingand today I’m going to show you how to
make a drink at show jewish Oni some to beingthis I am using according to themwhat’s up apps make sure it’s safe to
drink otheror and goodwere killed gimmeonly need arm to help coursestraight ahead in america have and said male complicated but was not H all it is just a hangers and up only hangers had not paid and up I don’t exactly know it easy are a butt
think I need I but here’s to bike drink cup holder so basically um erratic finger yet the middle finger to smile what color is be a ended a party
girl a bend into a circle now sport gets more tricky take I and if it make Paul then so here I can there’s this thing right
here so I read that through rap but went that with the addition to you Wallace season going nowhere held musings i would get home but near my
phone to be to craft so anyway is I’m you a lot out put that together this gonna put your head on and then up put this on inside overhead wind up its
you get perfect fault ha an and or just head and ok like Hornets at beautiful baleful its good enough them get I as my got supports and his I am mean you’re on the air drain Hong packaging down this cuz actual should taste like crap would
allow output cup holder and that’s perfectly jerk and also work to our bottles arm corporate still a panel at money so cans watched TB I get my little behind sorry a guess hi just don’t CSI in here so I put that in there and once it gets down with me somewhat I can this enough so that you
can Jane get a bit and the only catch is that after you’re done drinking at
every year thereafter blow into it so it doesn’t go everywhere cuz section
just keeps on up makes it keep going cell gathered that don’t flaw arm Jim so what basically it tell me what mom what you think in the
comments below it he have any better ideas for all arm tell me and I’ll see you in an age where you might bring ending Jerry don’t

buy chrome hearts chrome hearts eyewear collection ebay uk my summary auction arms

buy chrome hearts chrome hearts eyewear collection ebay uk my summary auction arms-´╗┐I put that Katie and welcome back to my
childhoodspotlight and say I have a pretty bigonline shopping hope you guys a hum I’m
going crazy on lineI found myselfown there’s been a ton of the old as
beingI am hate up promotional discount codes
as wellThursday what’s ago today reallyand I but I mean it’s pretty good timing
becausemost guys chronicling II currently
hosting a giveaway if you have checked it out a link II I’m but the entire I ask you guys to late
May comment with a video request and I’ve had X
mobile video say perfect topping hum I’m gonna get stocks traded but because
usually my whole video a tu wong and yeah head fight but I on it from Woodbury which in fashion I am holding up which is really weird
because they have free shelling shipping and usually thats
sucked me in like back like I’m free show in shipping confirm once I finish my view like
thirty to forty dollars for shouldn’t repeat claiming I really relying anyway home so I definitely
check out the hey if you’re in Australia both up free shipping is buying it of a
always had just got paged I got twenty percent of my order because
I found it CAPREIT in I think it was cause my maybe clay I possibly in by I don’t know I but definitely always
keep an eye out for disc acromed that I’m and the first thing I got was actually
something got or anything it was in my previous video which was my
spring lookbook which I will link here if you haven’t already
seen it but it is this hot pink cool are welcome I know inspired said in
style the things be every lab by then really
popular and I thought this hot pink is have big
balls summertime really bright really pretty and this style open for summer as well
because it is starlight way you can throw it on over anything and it
edges jazz up your outfit without making you ridiculously uncomfortable because a
guest star hot yeah I’m also I this is all of them to sit
for a swim say you can use whatever at beach for the
call would look really he is well am i pathetic minus out a really billion even in winter and fall and no northern
hemisphere that things really popular so I would definitely check out day
because they have a whole section of Comodo is wish I mean that next one was
also a I’m included as a component but and
don’t really think you could call it that is gone just like you know who also
throw away the show also I think but is this Ballack life and it is gorgeous it but slave then
just cuz you range on the slaves and on bottom n again just a polite way for spring and
summer and I i absolutely love this as you guys
probably know I like my favorite solid kinda that bohemian solar flare and that is like perfect for it I B mio bohemia day love that I’m did you know that I know be cheese
summer by I’m actually got a bikini and I got it from shared in swing lot which meant to be
got probably night if you watch her so different but
they’re not a right she recently called a couple love her bikinis cuz they good friends
or something and she had a discount codes so gain out by why not because I really
wanted a white bikini I am is a really pretty really well-made gorgeous I think this
is Colby angel style then the angel one number again all in down below. see can be for
show up but I what really just wanted a white
one because it looks awesome with its head started but also I have a bunch of
different color and brand in bikini bottoms and tops and I just thought that
what would be really good have them say I’m really happy with the
quality of this and then next I shops from many many many online is trailing be takes
which by the way do they all just stop the same stuff I’m pretty
sure made a I’ll but I got this from early the in
the sky as really gorgeous what’s that kami is quite low in the front and then it
even lower in the back they just had that kinda real almost
like a peplum but not really because it’s quite loose flowing I probably could have gone down a size
smaller in this but I think that mister luce I’m flying
to that effect it still looks really pretty day unhappy with but I’m and then the next thing I got I actually
originally had in my hot in lucy in the sky but while I
was shopping for this fun it when out of stock in my size that’s
the thing with lucy in the sky that stock photo that’s holler so
quickly so if you want something you really
should I’m sign up for email so you know when they get new arrivals stock back in because you need to be on
how much straight away applied changes I it will be gone in
your thoughts but lack of good things always trillion
retake seem to stop this came stuff I found the same dress on a different
website which was I’m it’s called skelly dot com dot are
you I don’t know for sure allen key download
gain call %uh I am but actually penetrate shot XI is very
thin online clothing home is blouse she mentioned that website
that but may as well check it outand I got this gorgeousyeah is on tango noI got his colleges maxi dress so gain
its kinda blurry infront and then even lol in the backI can me yeahit’s fun to show but no damage trying
this or any of the other items onjust because most to them I coming up
really thing and look bothfor thumbs are just down the St you see
the really thing anywayso you just have to if they change to
say hi Solomon see what they look likeonI am but yeah is this really pretty navy
and white chevron printand it’s just a maxi always the ground
witha split up one side and it’s just
gorgeousI’m really happy with that and it was
only like I’m dole I think which I thought was
really good becauseagain even though they also felt the
same thingprices do vary like that same style
dress i’ve seenblack fifty nine dollars on have my so
forty two dollars I was pretty happywiththen next up is Toby dot com whichI actually still had mypercent off
coupon for thembecause every new member I get fifty
percent of that fascist which isof them seriously I don’t know it any
other side that does thatin thanks very if you haven’t already
check them out show you probably havebut if you have it definitely recommend
itI’m the first thing I got is this little
cream ivoryshift well Swainston address that it has
been pretty crash a letdown butsaid really gorgeous and i think is
perfect for them a time because it’stotally speedingwhich I love because it just gets so hot
I don’t want anything sticking or cleanto meand because if the dress I love that
becauseI get lazy and it’s just really have to
throw on one side and then you’re doneand that’s just my life saver input I’mso that gorgeous and I actually got it
i’m fora stud still video that I’m doing coming
up really thinkbecause that was another thing that I
got a lot request today is most of yourvideo Thursdaykeep an eye out for that one I’m not
going to say which celebrity butit will be out soon and then the other
thing I got from Tobyprobably my beim rapesyeah probably my favorite patches of the
entire hall because they asked herridiculously comfortable life I can’t
recommend them to you enough guysand these pants and they just this soft
stretch cotton materialand they have hit the different patterns
business streisand is kinda at theHolidayand you can see that isn’t really loose
bottomsalmost like about him but not really
just a wide legand it’s just like a full day the band
at the topbest I’m comfortable and they look so
cute onI was worried that ok I’m going to make
my five look a little bit big but theyarereally flattering sir I definitelypercent recommending and then next
stop I’m with another first-timeshift which was from daily book I’mmentioning to a they’ve been shipping
internationally for a little while nowbutI mean everything anything that I’ve
liked that muchnot yet make the auto because I think
shipping to selectyou know not that shit like I think with
fourteen dollars or something like thatI’m but I havepercent off coupon
thought I’d like kindaeven that about I don’t mind and today Ino gonna be everyone style but the EU’sMaceo I’m roaming gladiator sandalsjust in thisbrown color with the
gold accentsand I really liked it a lot home I think
they arealso firm server actually made it to you
be fun to playI wanted from which was not the gal I’m but I say I kinda weird because gal
job girlany fine like I have to say the whole
thing with an accent for the reasonsthat about I home by I look at this stuff
a few weeks todayI found shipping took a little bit
longer then they usually doit was like about three and a half weeks
I’m but I thought that might be becausethe sale was a ridiculous I amit was all items that were already
reggie had anextrapercent of which isof them and I cream gone not but I
didn’t restrain myself so I I only gotthree I didn’tand the best thing is this me pink
t-shirtis just me cold shoulder style quite a
high necklineand its navy and white stripe I think
this is gorgeousand admits he really is choice of star
comfortableI just I absolutely love it ends it’s
justI think but navy and white stripes for
some %uh never goes out of style stayI’m really happy with that purchase hot
remember how much she came down to asingle black dollars or something like that we
should of them for items I was really happy the next
thing I gotwith even cheaper this was like I thinkseventy eighty dollars and it came down
to seventeen dollarsI’m ended is this bomber jacket which
I’ve wantedon for so long now says that floral
bonnetbomber jacket gorgeous colorsand actually saw I’m Claudia fromsorry Korea from B&Bwearingthis in Montevideo with black I’m rebel
or something on her lips energies gorgeouspsychotherapy I’m real excited to
stylistfinally I haven’t called bomber jacket
and then the last I got chrome it not togoand the Los I’m on the whole whole if no
one of my favorite patches thenand it is this bad say it’sgot it and has fringe on both sidesgold accents kind just like a bucket bagjust screens andthis is awesome is light perhaps I for
me because I don’t like carrying reallybig bag butsometimes I feel we only always having a
small bagso it’s the perfect size I amI just love it I’ve been looking for a
bag like this for so longbut once with French waiting to be like
pretty expensive like love them all which I mean I guess is
it really that expensive butI like a good deal to rate me came down
to how I relatewhen do you think fellow there is only
likelovesomething ridiculous so I i saw this is
such as steel and I’m sorry happy withitdefinitely can be manually everyday guy
andI just can’t say enough good things
about it I love itfor my whole body I hope you guys
enjoyed it washighly-respected say hopefully guys did
actually watched itI’m if you haven’t already checked out
my giveaway I will link it down belowand also remember I’m sorry I didn’t
Chinesepieces on in the hole for you guys buttheory thanks very much all of them will
be featured in upcoming videosay where you have to do is scratch
match loland then you will see them on and stylevery very thing I’m thank you SO much
for watchingnumber

chrome hearts factory biker wallet

chrome hearts factory biker wallet-´╗┐the hi answers about our menand today we’re gonna show you how to
cut a mango when you go to market toselect your mangolook at the collar but don’t rely on it
entirely becausesometimes the red ones are right but
sometimes they’re a little bit grainycan they are so what you really want to
do is just press on it with your thumbit should yield a little bitand the slightly soft because you know
these are the most widelypretty the world so we should know how
to pick them right when you look at Mango it’s a little bit on the flat side and there’s a path that runs through the
middle of the mango this way that pit is pretty big and it
weather tends to stick to the proved so what you gonna do you gonna
turn your mango sideways because we’re gonna try to cut
around them so what we’re gonna do the rest and it
up I’m not assume that my pit takes up about an inch or so in the
middle here and I’m gonna cut I’m when I hope is either side of the pier here donors once I’m turn it around cut about here do on the other side that got to really nice discs to work
with here and there what you can do with the smaller knife is you can cut around
the pit and get those extra pieces of the side what you have these what you gonna do is
take a smaller night and you’re gonna score at cuz I’m gonna
make use I’m gonna put these cubes into my Herbalife formula shake they’re also got a person sowards rice
dishes but you’re not gonna cut all the way to
the skin you just gonna score a little bit like that and here’s where the magic happens you
do this a problem four-year-old tire they’re gonna think
you’re a magician you gonna just take that mango very gently turn it inside out and
instant mango cubes and they’re ready to go now you can just cut them off in the
skin add them to your Herbalife formula shake if you like your cereal wherever the nice thing
about mangos is that they’re packed with nutrition so if you have a copper mango which is
quite a bit only cost you about a hundred calories a cutie all of your vitamin C for the day to
third have your vitamin a for the day so enjoy them turn them into
hedgecock show your friends add them to your
smoothies put them in your salad thirty grabbed theme