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buy chrome hearts chrome hearts eyewear collection ebay uk my summary auction arms-´╗┐I put that Katie and welcome back to my
childhoodspotlight and say I have a pretty bigonline shopping hope you guys a hum I’m
going crazy on lineI found myselfown there’s been a ton of the old as
beingI am hate up promotional discount codes
as wellThursday what’s ago today reallyand I but I mean it’s pretty good timing
becausemost guys chronicling II currently
hosting a giveaway if you have checked it out a link II I’m but the entire I ask you guys to late
May comment with a video request and I’ve had X
mobile video say perfect topping hum I’m gonna get stocks traded but because
usually my whole video a tu wong and yeah head fight but I on it from Woodbury which in fashion I am holding up which is really weird
because they have free shelling shipping and usually thats
sucked me in like back like I’m free show in shipping confirm once I finish my view like
thirty to forty dollars for shouldn’t repeat claiming I really relying anyway home so I definitely
check out the hey if you’re in Australia both up free shipping is buying it of a
always had just got paged I got twenty percent of my order because
I found it CAPREIT in I think it was cause my maybe clay I possibly in by I don’t know I but definitely always
keep an eye out for disc acromed that I’m and the first thing I got was actually
something got or anything it was in my previous video which was my
spring lookbook which I will link here if you haven’t already
seen it but it is this hot pink cool are welcome I know inspired said in
style the things be every lab by then really
popular and I thought this hot pink is have big
balls summertime really bright really pretty and this style open for summer as well
because it is starlight way you can throw it on over anything and it
edges jazz up your outfit without making you ridiculously uncomfortable because a
guest star hot yeah I’m also I this is all of them to sit
for a swim say you can use whatever at beach for the
call would look really he is well am i pathetic minus out a really billion even in winter and fall and no northern
hemisphere that things really popular so I would definitely check out day
because they have a whole section of Comodo is wish I mean that next one was
also a I’m included as a component but and
don’t really think you could call it that is gone just like you know who also
throw away the show also I think but is this Ballack life and it is gorgeous it but slave then
just cuz you range on the slaves and on bottom n again just a polite way for spring and
summer and I i absolutely love this as you guys
probably know I like my favorite solid kinda that bohemian solar flare and that is like perfect for it I B mio bohemia day love that I’m did you know that I know be cheese
summer by I’m actually got a bikini and I got it from shared in swing lot which meant to be
got probably night if you watch her so different but
they’re not a right she recently called a couple love her bikinis cuz they good friends
or something and she had a discount codes so gain out by why not because I really
wanted a white bikini I am is a really pretty really well-made gorgeous I think this
is Colby angel style then the angel one number again all in down below. see can be for
show up but I what really just wanted a white
one because it looks awesome with its head started but also I have a bunch of
different color and brand in bikini bottoms and tops and I just thought that
what would be really good have them say I’m really happy with the
quality of this and then next I shops from many many many online is trailing be takes
which by the way do they all just stop the same stuff I’m pretty
sure made a I’ll but I got this from early the in
the sky as really gorgeous what’s that kami is quite low in the front and then it
even lower in the back they just had that kinda real almost
like a peplum but not really because it’s quite loose flowing I probably could have gone down a size
smaller in this but I think that mister luce I’m flying
to that effect it still looks really pretty day unhappy with but I’m and then the next thing I got I actually
originally had in my hot in lucy in the sky but while I
was shopping for this fun it when out of stock in my size that’s
the thing with lucy in the sky that stock photo that’s holler so
quickly so if you want something you really
should I’m sign up for email so you know when they get new arrivals stock back in because you need to be on
how much straight away applied changes I it will be gone in
your thoughts but lack of good things always trillion
retake seem to stop this came stuff I found the same dress on a different
website which was I’m it’s called skelly dot com dot are
you I don’t know for sure allen key download
gain call %uh I am but actually penetrate shot XI is very
thin online clothing home is blouse she mentioned that website
that but may as well check it outand I got this gorgeousyeah is on tango noI got his colleges maxi dress so gain
its kinda blurry infront and then even lol in the backI can me yeahit’s fun to show but no damage trying
this or any of the other items onjust because most to them I coming up
really thing and look bothfor thumbs are just down the St you see
the really thing anywayso you just have to if they change to
say hi Solomon see what they look likeonI am but yeah is this really pretty navy
and white chevron printand it’s just a maxi always the ground
witha split up one side and it’s just
gorgeousI’m really happy with that and it was
only like I’m dole I think which I thought was
really good becauseagain even though they also felt the
same thingprices do vary like that same style
dress i’ve seenblack fifty nine dollars on have my so
forty two dollars I was pretty happywiththen next up is Toby dot com whichI actually still had mypercent off
coupon for thembecause every new member I get fifty
percent of that fascist which isof them seriously I don’t know it any
other side that does thatin thanks very if you haven’t already
check them out show you probably havebut if you have it definitely recommend
itI’m the first thing I got is this little
cream ivoryshift well Swainston address that it has
been pretty crash a letdown butsaid really gorgeous and i think is
perfect for them a time because it’stotally speedingwhich I love because it just gets so hot
I don’t want anything sticking or cleanto meand because if the dress I love that
becauseI get lazy and it’s just really have to
throw on one side and then you’re doneand that’s just my life saver input I’mso that gorgeous and I actually got it
i’m fora stud still video that I’m doing coming
up really thinkbecause that was another thing that I
got a lot request today is most of yourvideo Thursdaykeep an eye out for that one I’m not
going to say which celebrity butit will be out soon and then the other
thing I got from Tobyprobably my beim rapesyeah probably my favorite patches of the
entire hall because they asked herridiculously comfortable life I can’t
recommend them to you enough guysand these pants and they just this soft
stretch cotton materialand they have hit the different patterns
business streisand is kinda at theHolidayand you can see that isn’t really loose
bottomsalmost like about him but not really
just a wide legand it’s just like a full day the band
at the topbest I’m comfortable and they look so
cute onI was worried that ok I’m going to make
my five look a little bit big but theyarereally flattering sir I definitelypercent recommending and then next
stop I’m with another first-timeshift which was from daily book I’mmentioning to a they’ve been shipping
internationally for a little while nowbutI mean everything anything that I’ve
liked that muchnot yet make the auto because I think
shipping to selectyou know not that shit like I think with
fourteen dollars or something like thatI’m but I havepercent off coupon
thought I’d like kindaeven that about I don’t mind and today Ino gonna be everyone style but the EU’sMaceo I’m roaming gladiator sandalsjust in thisbrown color with the
gold accentsand I really liked it a lot home I think
they arealso firm server actually made it to you
be fun to playI wanted from which was not the gal I’m but I say I kinda weird because gal
job girlany fine like I have to say the whole
thing with an accent for the reasonsthat about I home by I look at this stuff
a few weeks todayI found shipping took a little bit
longer then they usually doit was like about three and a half weeks
I’m but I thought that might be becausethe sale was a ridiculous I amit was all items that were already
reggie had anextrapercent of which isof them and I cream gone not but I
didn’t restrain myself so I I only gotthree I didn’tand the best thing is this me pink
t-shirtis just me cold shoulder style quite a
high necklineand its navy and white stripe I think
this is gorgeousand admits he really is choice of star
comfortableI just I absolutely love it ends it’s
justI think but navy and white stripes for
some %uh never goes out of style stayI’m really happy with that purchase hot
remember how much she came down to asingle black dollars or something like that we
should of them for items I was really happy the next
thing I gotwith even cheaper this was like I thinkseventy eighty dollars and it came down
to seventeen dollarsI’m ended is this bomber jacket which
I’ve wantedon for so long now says that floral
bonnetbomber jacket gorgeous colorsand actually saw I’m Claudia fromsorry Korea from B&Bwearingthis in Montevideo with black I’m rebel
or something on her lips energies gorgeouspsychotherapy I’m real excited to
stylistfinally I haven’t called bomber jacket
and then the last I got chrome it not togoand the Los I’m on the whole whole if no
one of my favorite patches thenand it is this bad say it’sgot it and has fringe on both sidesgold accents kind just like a bucket bagjust screens andthis is awesome is light perhaps I for
me because I don’t like carrying reallybig bag butsometimes I feel we only always having a
small bagso it’s the perfect size I amI just love it I’ve been looking for a
bag like this for so longbut once with French waiting to be like
pretty expensive like love them all which I mean I guess is
it really that expensive butI like a good deal to rate me came down
to how I relatewhen do you think fellow there is only
likelovesomething ridiculous so I i saw this is
such as steel and I’m sorry happy withitdefinitely can be manually everyday guy
andI just can’t say enough good things
about it I love itfor my whole body I hope you guys
enjoyed it washighly-respected say hopefully guys did
actually watched itI’m if you haven’t already checked out
my giveaway I will link it down belowand also remember I’m sorry I didn’t
Chinesepieces on in the hole for you guys buttheory thanks very much all of them will
be featured in upcoming videosay where you have to do is scratch
match loland then you will see them on and stylevery very thing I’m thank you SO much
for watchingnumber

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chrome hearts factory biker wallet-´╗┐the hi answers about our menand today we’re gonna show you how to
cut a mango when you go to market toselect your mangolook at the collar but don’t rely on it
entirely becausesometimes the red ones are right but
sometimes they’re a little bit grainycan they are so what you really want to
do is just press on it with your thumbit should yield a little bitand the slightly soft because you know
these are the most widelypretty the world so we should know how
to pick them right when you look at Mango it’s a little bit on the flat side and there’s a path that runs through the
middle of the mango this way that pit is pretty big and it
weather tends to stick to the proved so what you gonna do you gonna
turn your mango sideways because we’re gonna try to cut
around them so what we’re gonna do the rest and it
up I’m not assume that my pit takes up about an inch or so in the
middle here and I’m gonna cut I’m when I hope is either side of the pier here donors once I’m turn it around cut about here do on the other side that got to really nice discs to work
with here and there what you can do with the smaller knife is you can cut around
the pit and get those extra pieces of the side what you have these what you gonna do is
take a smaller night and you’re gonna score at cuz I’m gonna
make use I’m gonna put these cubes into my Herbalife formula shake they’re also got a person sowards rice
dishes but you’re not gonna cut all the way to
the skin you just gonna score a little bit like that and here’s where the magic happens you
do this a problem four-year-old tire they’re gonna think
you’re a magician you gonna just take that mango very gently turn it inside out and
instant mango cubes and they’re ready to go now you can just cut them off in the
skin add them to your Herbalife formula shake if you like your cereal wherever the nice thing
about mangos is that they’re packed with nutrition so if you have a copper mango which is
quite a bit only cost you about a hundred calories a cutie all of your vitamin C for the day to
third have your vitamin a for the day so enjoy them turn them into
hedgecock show your friends add them to your
smoothies put them in your salad thirty grabbed theme

real chrome hearts france chrome hearts eyeglasses knight glodok elektronik city yang

real chrome hearts france chrome hearts eyeglasses knight glodok elektronik city yang-´╗┐thatthat teamsI am ambitiousm sand around lower house child and I had a
lot of pounds withroutinely my father you know he did just
a bad things to meand my step mom Katie me the Miami
contact me they treat me like a strangerlatelydon’t know anything went to me to take
care them in their kids I was just chaseso horrible or even to stash so that low self esteem
gather there in and that my boyfriend my computer to get
matter live in Canadayears we have my signed his name is Michael
uncommon he hadyou around me and I he s on she said you garden but I enjoy reading the statue I just to see me how same I
can’t stand the house transmits I need to get a chance so my
daughter did well do sitting in their second home because
I do know no matter what happens I can always talk to them penis sex please don’t get on there
somebody there meet are the moon do don’t boo boo greer hey thanks for coming down hope
hope hope hope so much for doing this no I just got too many I’ll Jenny shots
you see if she’d be willing to help me with this project fast as she could find something up for
Patricia july’s make angela is so we can I want to do something special
for her because she doesn’t really have anywhere to keep her South is this where you found gas lol I found
this piece at on that is going well I think I’ll be a
just a great place for her to store supplies and falls and I don’t equal to create something on
top that he can years to actually do her be at work I’ll leave the hospital right
now I’ve got ad a pretty good idea but I’m
doing it its and again gonna try to keep it simple
despite what my by my brain is going so what do we need to start let’s see em
a├ž├úo yeah I ministered standing and I have you do just wipe down like a final act on these
shores okay and we’ll figure out what size we
need to cut this fabric for the invite ok of you think I was playing around with
different colors how I love that yeah the on this makes
this so excited so how did you know that she liked doing
killer air like making during just got to know her like just just
telling us all about her style and how she’s been making neck said I how she really enjoys making jewelry
but just a really ever have time to do it
you know so we can I got the idea have like how cool would it be if we
gave her just like a girl say I that she has never she’s
never done that so the plan is I’m gonna take her
shopping obviously a good well and that and I take a ginger baseline
because they’ve agreed to give her like cut and collar and makeup and then we’re
going to go out to lunch acrobats to wine bar greek girl you so
much for your help on militants and Afghanistan finishing
touches I handed down and about a mile thank you the the attack now we’re getting a tat so I just Patricia and she’s a little
bit nervous leading she’s really excited like gather how does and have fun with
another girl something that cost that and continue hi now which is an issue by cum shot
peening an initial experience because I just
only attention but I’m excited and I didn’t have snow tires and I we do need
to okay so you’re like a four-and-a-half I there with you would you be willing to
try on with a little bit of a heel on strike okay that likejust over
the light is just an ass kinda I don’t think he does he know go to like this the party and i cant said military time Jackson for banks and
Amanda this began to location she s now I’m not a certain resting I’ve never
seen you wear jeans teen where Jones I can which I jeans
today guess what I’m cost I love that you’re
just swelling test let me go crazy that’s the fun part if that is the fun part from no I didn’t
some research beforehand and just kind of find out how like what
patterns what cuts what colors will look mastermind just as nice I’m so I’m
really inspired me their lead share that with the meanest
short is aimed it’s not like they’re not going to wear like this yeah yes I would agree that
that sexors sites like that you’re pollyanna want to stay away from the
house but not simes in general so like the finer this dinner
patterns vertical stripes are good and there’s
actually give the illusion as a common being center and more now
yeah and K maybe I’ll me look super smash bros brawl UN cliente he learns from here exactly
doing whatever you need a gun on shopping sprees and I’m thinking black blazer long with
that doesn’t look so good at. reading reading
and just a band named school I love Madison linda Shaw I’m I agree that could be
really keogh no scholars the really get together and
like their stuff man the one as last time you are John saloon long times long time the doso I just snapped a shot yet an awesome
dayshot me I just how that I’m her
confidence was increasing and she’s justgetting more comfortableon and cannot wait to take her to mind
her hand into a bad thing guidelinesI think they’re tough partisan beef for
her dad pic which happens where I’mthe%uhthenai Iany thank you so much for doing that
lily and i were really really excitedabout thatno I just got a ginger Bay and and
remanded nilandmanager new and I’m really excited I
think that my aunt had noreally of my and bash and I’m really
really excited at I machinedon’t think I’ve never been to a salon
I’mand shit I have had in a really long
time sotoday is gonna be really I’m gonna be
such a trademark I’mthe mirthe I’ve seen such a huge transformation
and Patriciafrom here on out to see things getting
better and better I’m getting this monthyeahjust said just the thing about it no to
get started tell mea little bit about your hair I can
highlightlike to make it more vibrant the latest
cover upmaking the grade and yeah highlights I
create yeah I think they look prettyalways so I will go next collect okay
and we look at themokaythe pilotsno thethethedeware waiting for purchase at we’ve
been waiting for WoW but we’re soexcitedokay Friday palmyeah the inbut ok prettyhere or yeah I’m butdon’t really know that he liked you look
beautiful Idon’t wear makeup Sarah Harris
experience painit just feels like my own skin I don’t
think my hair makeup bringI don’t know how IP on now in my career
is best for me and I like my hairbecause now I site more lighterand i cant do I want it now and is it
felt like Stephon track greenI hated that okay so we gotta get a
LinuxI reading our yeah hmm I’m a big night
dance hits Nightyeah themthe new dohow did you feel about today I enjoyed
it yeahmean hamburger like mad I am NOT because
i dont have little dreamsabout you my hair and my home make up mysomewhere in my to wear yeah so we just
got a robustand to say is like anyone andsuch a transformation and it’s really
glad amazing wayjust like new hair in a little makeup
can do affair confidant%uhthey know that you tend to do so much
for everybody else every dayI’m and so one anything she wanted was
to learn how toyou know anything here is now I’m here
right now that I and II was your nap nowlooks scary at first because I’m not
used to make engine:rain rain and what do I do it for
everybody elseI’m very inspired by Patricia because
she’s a really special in your purse andshe took that payingshe went through that really intense
pain again shut people down to make thelash out and other peopleand she instead uses it to make sure
that she’s kind ofi’ve seen. Patricia struggle I R this is
really gonnapermanently change you know how she
feels insidehow she presents herself to the world
and tonightI’m excited that this is something that
she can take with her friends arethe now I’m I would say that we should
probably go out running a little behindyeah there now we just have to purchases
hasand whereabouts brand padded a bigger
boof momentmichael’s Michael and Michael are
waiting inside and they’re reallyexcitedand engineers and I have a little bit
later to bring the final I that isI Caroline dolike itbig game and good housingI and%uh I with finished piecethe to recast I’m really excited see
what you think the bestyou can close as where can I pick it
up till the last minutedon’t think that’s fine art and design
it I’m glad it came togetherI pls yeahJenny put this together she and areall their going to make you feel you
think why you think I need Pakistan andacarry his feet away lay out a
pattern-basedcoming year be done sampras free and
they are all awake Yahoo like lastyear’s a standard hereand you can make storage for all
appeared Fridayand the police to just forget friend
you know it was my chestwe have a class adjoining I green and
fund-raising industryand random people arts and cultural now
Ithis there was chaos yeah that verysurprise and pressed great jobshe’s always inworry about her son make sure he’s got
his clothes ready islot for work and all that the whole that
he had some time for some nonleaving about mom my I’myeah I will we will get here here’s the
bandwe stole you away from your family all
day is now you can enjoy the newspace and timelike my heart first I was fine like an
experience like thatcan’t win cuz I should love to have
camera I was expecting cadmium at coolit’s really pretty like during the week
the swagas a jury you make your own crush
calling damn right sell iteveryoneare well

chrome hearts outlet usa online shop for clothes

chrome hearts outlet usa online shop for clothes-´╗┐again we’re here backstage with the
rogue gardener is an exceptional hereand make a partisan he’s gonna tell us
all about what his deal in with themodels that that her lets his then again
fortonight’s runway we are working here for
these amazing fashion showwilliam does out with all their ok or
not gonna squirttell me a little bit about what you do
with the hereyears we talking with Liana sunday via
it will showthe warm and very sexy glamorous be
caredme today the A’s show the the face is shiny but no you’re not too much
makeup we want to show the did not read beautiful woman them
here with me yeah party animal yes you pencil it a
little bit about the friend in that election within it the rain here appraise bringing the collection that is
inspired by my country I was born and raised in Medellin
Colombia enough poise my design has the kettle on with my tropical fruits Latin America
these plenty on it’s bringing to light call means is the
nation and we have three different inspiration for this one we have loving
callers large sequence of course we have this
shining the bald I so we have to have fun way those
bikinis and we have yellow orange alamoudi name can be so lots of bright colours you have to get on every time they get
into the peace well well well and we have the flame its don’t is related to my personality
decided not to be so pretty seriously romantic and those bikinis artists all embroidered then they just so sweet at p.m. like candy way way well well way well well the way them and that they play the collection is a
breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature my favorite combination is a natural
Budo like guidance and on and all the cheats
combine an implant with anne mcclain cell at the end you’re
gonna see inflation a celibate up everything well the everything million into any kinky has hi in as many sites but every time they
wearing bikinis because you’re carrying piece of way the well well well well well well the well well well well them the way well from well well the do when them the well well well well the that

chrome hearts online childrens charm bracelet

chrome hearts online childrens charm bracelet-´╗┐is your responsibility thereyou know some critical so that’s no
differenthow runs that samean impersonator more savitz allmy help human tolls these thingsis deaf and dumbnothing despite every playhe sees everythingthat’s good because that is correct arms
to my surprise about is fixing we rising corrected for sees awesome guys talking
just about to get picked up by the summer mayhem up for you yes did you feel like
it was was better than the Bears yet the summer was very productive you get a lot done was organize just veterans teamsters step to really excited about leadership is restore to committed better he thinks things great whose job it was
backed up there Jonathan Evans yes he’s been some reps
themselves who’s is God’s truth which is still no
southern voice to tell a difference we also we also have beans work he
misprint who hi the print work given physically or coca if it was great him
across the room yes but the Sun from from prison BC carries you see it a job from the first
brain tumor yeah I’ll is still first practice the physically
his game looks better physically mentally like I
said we are a long way to go criminal-defense but you know I’m
excited to see what we have in store see would you say yes vote cast know
whether as I for the first time to time you come
halfway bucks the a so that when you’re about to
step yeah no doubt her back freshman you know just yasserjust what the best thing issues just take it
all in put in all or larval water time checking them per Scott Irwin remind you group I’m and only when he
first got everyone to ever get on you can do social a
little bit well you can missiles just have to
understand it there but his job team and when what they’re trying to do church I
didn’t expect it’s nothing personal its no just bored again them present district good

fake chrome hearts chrome hearts eyewear collection photoscape freeware

fake chrome hearts chrome hearts eyewear collection photoscape freeware-´╗┐themmany of us are familiar with the
convenience of online shoppingyou can research products compare prices
and make your purchasesof it all in a single website so it only
makes sense that one stop shopping forhealth insuranceshould be is readily available and now
it isthrough a new online health insurance
marketplaceyou have the opportunity to compare and
enroll for health insurancecan’t find out if you can get help
paying for which using a health insurance plan through the online
marketplace you’ll find that all plans cover many
preventive care services such as immunizations and screenings
essential health benefits for expenses such as doctor visits hospitalizations and prescriptions are
also include the major difference among plans is the amount you pay for those
services to help you choose the right level
coverage plans are arranged in tears a bonds silver gold and flattened you may be able to choose the base-level
plan also known as catastrophic available to
people under ageas you can see in this chart if you buy
a base plan you paid less for your health insurance
plan each month let me more with use health care services if you buy a plot to plant you pay more
for your plan each month pay less when you use health care
services your eligibility for financial assistance to help pay for your plan
depends on your household size and income as you can see here it’s possible to
earn a moderate income and qualify for a tax credit from the
federal government go to our website to try a tax credit
calculator to see if you qualify no matter which level coverage issues
you wanna make sure that the doctors you prefer except when you select our plans to you access to top-quality doctors hospitals
pharmacies locally and nationally so you can get
the CUNY you can check our website see if your
doctor accepts our coverage also keep in mind that must use a
planned during the enrollment period shown here plus there’s more ways a special moment
here you for changes in your life such as getting very we’re having a baby
if you have questions for the help understanding your options collar dedicated teachers advisers if
you’re not sure you’re ready to enroll in a plan find out why you need to protect
yourself expensive medical bills watch a video why do I need health
insurance to learn more and access other tools to help you
choose a plan and be sure to sign up to receive email updates including fitness and nutrition trends
discounts on health and wellness programs healthy recipes and your new health
insurance options some sign up online today

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chrome hearts pink jewelry online cheap-´╗┐feature information one of the largest
online furniture stores in the UK andestablished in Bolton for millionsmovie ideal choice for affordable modern
furniture for the homeliving/diningbritain’s sofas great choice at low
prices visit our online store atfurniture in fashion don’t povertylooking to host or chilledimpression the online permit TCP still
right great value furnitureis delivered to your door

chrome hearts france chrome hearts sunglasses eyewear priced right inch

chrome hearts france chrome hearts sunglasses eyewear priced right inch-´╗┐games Countythis okay skanky Ducati sohoand um doing anything but%um by nap on I am Scott look HispanicI sentiment c’mon c’mon cassinito be Scott and ate too much shopping
dan yang became the butta uniquely combine equity which he could
chill and keep them set up a federaljudge in that city have buttons but lineso it’s really nice scandal advanced or
a number its Eske at the Nickelodeon New York on Oscar I’m
not picky about what I eat themd oMG bid up on some major car to KS
get on college a car that ran the epic about your body and mind sequins were born at though by Jim
Bittner bright so command at the beach we can talk
about the house guess I need it but the budget them john Dunn hysteria surrounding your call
C the index got can I see some rap about their respective edge about you right
tackle comment the tax aka good K skanky nasty soho and its to give
scientists a knee by FT job race let’s %uh my necklace then eat what was that was found that
that you want to add any so nickel color family sought to take any from somebody see any be so hard and try
to stop the taco and yeah but I’m mad at me I that yet but I and
designer yeah that poem on the inside the bracelets
and get lunch one a couple minutes up the jam I was in a
smelly butt they all very beautiful so when you guys
come to New York housing YUM I’ll my I important scanned the s access happens Saxony suffer store finds that the new
york city I’m really surprised next me yes %uh
yeah I got an asian-inspired but gene sequence i care bout de naps
and perhaps I’ll get back together seeking twelve-inch drastic you know Gucci backtracked outstanding spam you with you with yet mikhail go it niskayuna Lower East Side d taxes delicatessen and kissing him and
got him into anime on phone yeah I showed up wow and I have
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chrome hearts red on line clothes

chrome hearts red on line clothes-´╗┐hey guys I want to show you guys the
Canaancan best pair sunglasses this is more of
a narrowbrain just to let you guys know has
dinner temples on the sideso I kinda like that and this one isvery neat because it is that nine shiny
matte black finishandand I think I had said this in my other
video but I really like the matte blacknon-chinese finish I’m Kieswetter
anything the classes are not going toor slipper anything like that services
Canaan canvas polarized dark grey G-twelve the
lens hi shatter resistant and damn Apple actress let you guys know
it’s probably the highlight is her sunglasses feel find out there sounds great quality great clarity keenan him think